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Christy Rutherford

Christy’s mission is to illuminate the light in millions of people around the world by coaching and nurturing their inner spirits and egos. To restore people back to their authentic selves, thereby allowing them to experience health and mental wellness, balance in life and work, and financial prosperity.

A globally recognized leader and strategist, Christy has trained leaders at various levels in organizations. A former executive level leader, she understands the challenges, stress and pressures that leaders experience in the pursuit of success. She also understands the sacrifices that have to be made in order to achieve high levels of success.

A mentor and coach of leaders, Christy assists clients with living a life of total fulfillment. She shares her insight through coaching, training, speaking, best-selling books, radio, webinars, and other means. You can have it all as a successful leader, but it takes ACTION and DECISION.


Video Testimonial - Keshelle Davis
Entrepreneur, Trainer, Mom, Dedicated Wife

Talking to Christy and reading her books have changed my life. It’s like she’s pumped oxygen in my body and I feel lighter and happier. I really enjoy her straight forward style, and as a successful woman, I was saddened that so many other women share the same challenges that I did. We are all confronted to haters. Christy said, "Grow and develop to the point that people can no longer bother you with their ignorance". Reading those words was a relief. This truth hit my brain like fireworks and I finally realized that I did nothing wrong. I did not have to apologize all the time for being myself.

Working with Christy, I’ve learned to go deeper, trust my instinct and understand that I can change the outcome of this and any situation. For example, I didn’t realize that I have built Chinese Walls around me to protect myself and my life from the haters, thus I protect myself not only from the haters, but from all the good serendipity that life is about. Now I’m growing and developing the milestone that people can no longer bother me with their ignorance. I create positive energy to focus on my work, community work, relationship and friends, and I have also decided to handle the responsibility and risk to open my life to new people. Thank you Christy

Lorraine De Waziers
Consultant, Paris

I have never met an outrageously funny, caring, disciplined, and blunt woman such as Christy! Before being coached by her, I was walking around beating myself up mentally and emotionally; and attracting “friends” who would encourage that destructive behavior. I was producing results, and felt content about it, but was just going on about life with no real energy.

After I met Christy, she brought out a level of vitality and excitement that I hadn’t tapped into (although I’m still young!). Showing me the lessons learned through her failures and obstacles, she gave me a newfound sense of purpose and commitment. She provides a safe space to work out my challenges but will also give me that kick in the butt I need to produce extraordinary results. I feel so fortunate to have a coach who is all about me winning in life!

Candace Chance
BeBold Bmore - Community Activist, Powerhouse Millenial

Video Testimonial - Alaa Malki
Chief Network Officer, Mobily

"Christy Rutherford in a word:
TRANSFORMATIVE! There is a constant thread in every memory I have of Christy, and that is one of renewal. If I ever hit a wall or felt I had exhausted all options, she pointed me, with ease, to the door I had left unopened. There was always a path forward. If I had a huge success and wanted to share, she reveled in that moment with me, but in the end she would always ask: how can you do it even better next time? I leave with a sharpened determination, with a plan to do greater and be great.

It’s so incredibly rare to find leaders with vision, clarity and the ability to inspire greatness in others. Christy exists in a space in which the path ahead always seems so clear. And not only is it clear, but the goal at the end of that path is attainable. And that success can (must) be had without sacrificing what means most to you. As a professional woman with children, this was perhaps the hardest, yet most important, lesson I’ve ever learned."

Anisa Khandkar
Data Analyst, FEMA

As a country leader in an organization, it's stressful and balance seems like a dream. Working with Christy, we were able to get clarity on what success means to me today and what battles were worth fighting. She lit a fire within me and I was able to see my true value and potential in my career field. I can truly say that I haven't felt this good in a long time. I have clarity on what I desire, and I'm making time to spend with my children and finding a mate who deserves me. Christy is a trusted friend and confidant and it's great to have someone like her on my team as I reach for my highest potential.

Kholiwe Thembukazi Makhohliso
Country Leader, IT Company, South Africa

Christy is a phenomenal and inspiring individual. She is well versed in inspirational thinking, mentorship, leadership and provides great assistance when sought.
Despite our demographical differences (age, professional field and country of residence), her impressive input and insight has been invaluable and it is a joy to converse with such a talented individual. Matter of fact, I always leave our conversations with a smile, as well as with new inspiring thoughts/tools to apply. You are awesome Christy, keep being the gem that you truly are.
Feel fortunate to be acquainted with Ms. Rutherford, she has a bright and interesting future ahead - one that I'll be following with keen interest.

Hoda Aden Mohamed
Financial Services, Norway

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